The Identity Archives*  The Identity Archives*   The Identity Archives*  

*Imagine a system in which every historically relevant,
archived garment design is stored in a database. The information it contains
concerns both the physical properties of the object and those which we can’t see.

A database of tens of thousands of digital twins of objects that have influenced not only
the stories of individuals, but also the way one of the largest industries operates.

By creating a digital version of a fragile object, the risk
of completely destroying the garment is eliminated, thereby losing
information vital to understanding the history of the entire fashion industry.

Each digital twin contains encrypted information about the makers and owners of the item, its lifetime, 
its purpose, the type of materials and shape of the cut from which it was made. The census is freely available to the public and the 
information extracted from it forms the basis for the creation of future fashion projects drawing on history and heritage.

First digital OBJECTs already exist


date: 20th century
last owner: Henie Mühlrad
fabric: unknown

A pair of openwork gloves in white. The gloves are finished at the bottom with openwork embroidery. Embroidery in the form of a flower (above) and decorative teeth (at the end).

author of the 3D object: Anastasia Sitner
creative management: Natalia Parandyk


date: 20th century
last owner: Amelia Eiger
fabric: white voile

A cap sewn from white voile, the edges are decorated with lace haberdashery tape. This is Amelia Eiger's wedding cap - an example of one type of wedding headdress for a Jewish woman. She married the industrialist and physicist Edward Natanson in the Great Synagogue on Tłomackie Street.

author of the 3D object: Anastasia Sitner
creative management: Natalia Parandyk

Meet the supervisors of the Identity Archives project who helped
us develop the whole idea

Ilyas Darakchiev

3D footwear designer at Adidas

Magdalena Płonka

CEO at Internetion School of Costume and Fashion Design

Rafał Reif

Partner at EY

Urszula Wiszowata Pilic

Zalando Lead Sales Manager CEE; ex-Chanel

Dorota Kozieradzka

Artist and Lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Monika Surowiec 

Circular Fashion Designer, Founder at Saint Warsaw 

Meet our proud partners