Technological expertise

Since 2026, apparel brands will be obliged to use Digital Product Passports (DPPs). This solution will be implemented through technologies such as NFC chips and QR codes. 
Early implementation of new technologies by engaging in projects such as The Identity Achives will allow brands to be better prepared to use similar solutions in the future.

Here you can learn more about Digital Product Passport:

Less returns#commercial
Creating the ability to see the 3D object even before it is ordered online will significantly reduce returns, which will help the brand get closer to its climate goals.

Here you can learn more how Augumented Reality and 3D can reduce returns amount:

Early implementation

Implementing digital solutions will allow your brand to stand out in the apparel, business and art industry.

Discover some brands which already implemented 3D and AR:

Social education
Changing attitudes toward clothing and drawing attention to its intangible qualities will help make consumers aware of the value of clothing and build public awareness, which in the future will help
reduce overconsumption and increase conscious shopping.

Better presentation of the product
3D allows you to create an engaging content not only on social media, but also in retail stores.  Research shows that creating engaging displays in stores influences customer purchasing decisions.

Preserving cultural heritage
By creating a digital version of a fragile object, we ensure that its memory is preserved
(even after its destruction, we can view it in digital form). This solution enables museum collaborations without the need to transport fragile objects.

Learning tool
Thanks to cooperation with institutions, but also commercial brands, we create learning resources for future fashion designers and people working in the textile industry.