The Identity Archives is a garment digitalisation project and a lab where we search for the identity of clothes.

Our mission is to change the public's perception of clothing and sensitize people to the stories contained in material objects. This change leads us to responsible participation in the fashion economy. 


In practice - we are expanding the meaning and use of garments by creating its Digital Twins. We do this by creating digital equivalents of garments by using 3D technology. First, we create a 3D model of the garment. Then we attach an NFC tag to the garment, which connects the 3D object to the physical object and creates a Digital Twin

What is very important is that the physical object can be linked not only to the 3D object, but also to all the information about the garment. For example, with information about the supply chain, the last known owner or the fabric from which it was made. 

With whom?
We collaborate with fashion brands, institutions, organizations and designers. Our experience so far has been gained during a project with one of the largest Polish museums - POLIN Museum.


We work with CLO3D, Marvelous Designer, Blender, Metahuman and Unreal Engine.Creating objects from scratch allows us to reproduce materials and scale very accurately, and even recreate the original patterns of an object. We try not to use the scanning method, which, although much faster, does not allow faithful reproduction of the textile object. Creating an object from scratch in software allows us to reproduce even the physicality of the fabric. This allows our clients to use digital objects in games, virtual fitting rooms or 3D animations.